Newly Engaged Checklist

Newly Engaged Checklist

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of any girls life. It’s filled with joy and love and sometimes nerves. Once the dust settles and you start thinking about planning it can be easy to get in over your head quickly. Remember to take this one step at a time, planning a wedding is fun so enjoy this time and just in case you’re not where to start, here’s a newly engaged checklist to help you get started!


Newly Engaged Checklist

  1. Start a binder- You’re going to want one place to keep all your information regarding  budget, vendors, guest lists and more.
  2. Throw/be thrown an engagement party- This is the first of the showers and should be about celebrating the couple.
  3. Book a wedding planner – they will help you pull it all together!
  4. Pick a venue and reserve your date- Getting the date you want is typically the most challenging part so the sooner you book, the more likely you are to get it.
  5. Start a guest list- Be careful to keep it under the max allowed at your venue.
  6. Pick your wedding party- Buy gifts or make cute cards to ask your girls to stand by your side on your big day.
  7. Start looking for vendors- Flowers, linens, photographer, videographer, music, catering, etc.
  8. Start dress shopping- really you can start dress shopping as soon as your heart desires, because let’s be honest, it’s probably one of the most exciting parts!
  9. Buy your partner’s ring- you will probably want your partner to come with you, but also feel free to surprise him with it on the big day.
  10. Start registering- guests will begin looking at your registry before your first shower.
  11. Book an officiant- If you are not getting married in a church you will most likely need to reserve one.

This newly engaged checklist is just a starting point. The Knot provides a step-by-step month-by-month checklist of everything that goes into planning a wedding. Additionally, Your Personal Wedding Checklist can be found on your laptop, iPhone and Android.

While this can be a stressful time, remember it’s supposed to be fun and a celebration of love. Make everyday, every party, every color of your wedding be a reflection of you and your fiancé.  If you do this you’re sure to love the process and the end result of your wedding.


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