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It’s your wedding day, make it personal!

It's your wedding day, make it personal!

We all want our wedding to be a reflection of us and our spouse. Don’t hold back, It’s your wedding day, make it personal!

So how can we take advantage of having all our closest friends and family together at once? How can we ensure that they will leave at the end of the night saying “that was the best wedding ever” or maybe “wow! that fit them perfectly!”?. We have some fun ideas of just how you can make it personal.

First, you need to make sure that the wedding reflects you two! After all it is about a beautiful couple becoming o n e <3.

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Sentimental: Let your guests learn about each of your histories or reminisce about them. Incorporate pictures, memories and tokens of your friends and family.

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Interactive: Have your guests share there secrets and give you some advice about loving each other throughout your marriage with a “message in a bottle” or hand written “love notes”.

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j.woodbery photography

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Intimate: Maybe you are having an initiate wedding with a limited guest list. Here is a sweet idea for a ceremony. . . gather your closest friends and family under a hoopa or arbor.

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Whatever you decide to add to the big day, make sure it reflects who you are as a couple.

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